What is Pashmina

Luxury Textile

While talking about luxury textile we know very well cashmere and pashmina are the textile which are in the top most list of luxury textile. It’s difficult to identify to the first time users between cashmere and pashmina. Both are luxury material and gives common top notch feeling. Cashmere is mostly heard term in other hand pashmina is less in comompair to cashmere. In reality both pashmina and cashmere both refers to the same sort of products which has subtle yet unique characteristic that set the two apart. Both can be categorized as a wool products that are derived from mountain goats. Even though each has their own identities. Which are as follow,

What is Pashmina?

Pashmina is a fine variant of textile made from rare Himalayan goat hair fiber. Animal firm which means wool is generated from the undercoat of the Himalayan goat. Pashmina is a word from Kashmir which means wool. Pashmina is a handmade product which is eco friendly. In term of production of Pashmina there is no use of any harmful chemical in another word pashmina production to use, it is ecofriendly and favorable for human skin.

Pashmina is a special woolen product made from wool that grows on the underside of the mountain goats, derived from the word Chyangra, the inhabitant of the great Himalayan Mountain range and the sub-Siberian latitudes of North-Eastern Asia. Pashmina products are gloriously hand woven in traditional looms and by sensitive hands of craftsmen.

It is very soft and special wool fibers of the Rare Himalayan mountain goat. The softest Pashmina fiber is made from the wool of the neck of the mountain goats. Originally, the goats are habituated in remote areas of the Himalayas of Nepal, Mongoliya and Tibet over the altitude of 12,000 ft. Pashmina wool collection sites are Dolpa,Mustang, jumla, humla and other parts of Nepal mainly Himalayan -regions. It is thinner in comapair to other animal’s and 7-8 times than human hair.

Well, talking about pashmina feature its finest, softest and lightest wool fiber. Various types ofpashmina products have been in use since the centuries ago and considered as jewelry in the families of emperors like Mongalia and other royal of Asia. Gradually, the users of pashmina products have been increasing rapidly. As the time passed, the quality and varieties of pashmina products have been improving and increasing. Pashmina is woven by skilled hand with traditional looms sensitively. At present many products are in use widely all over the world i.e Pashmina shawls, trousers, Pashmina blankets, scarves, Ponchos, Sweaters etc. 

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