Nepal Pashmina Shawl a leading wholesaler, Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter for all Pashmina and Cashmere Products like pashminashawl, Pashmina Blanket, Pashmina Scarf, Pashmina Muffler, Pashmina Cardigan, Pashmina Sweater, Pashmina Poncho, 100% Exclusive Cashmere Shawls, Embroidery Pashmina Shawls, Pashmina Herringbone Shawl Stole, Pashmina Cashmere Throw Blanket, Pashmina Cashmere Knitted Beanie, Yak Wool shawl or scarf, Yak Wool Throws Meditation Wrap Blanket

Our Mission 

Our Mission is based on Promotion of Nepali Product to the global Market. We are working hard on the promotion of Pashmina and Kashmere Product. Still People are unknown about this luxury product. So, our mission is to spread the Pashmina and Kashmere product to every market and to every corner.

Our Vision

We are positive on our vision. We are very positive and responsive to our Obligation. Our vision is to see our product on the International Platform. We are dedicated on developing and giving new looks and design.