What is Cashmere

What is cashmere?

Cashmere is one of the luxurious product. Cashmere users are inclining day by day in the international market.well, it is also the woolen product as pashmina but in real comparision cashmere product are cheaper in price. when we have to talk about its quality In compare to pashmina , Pashmina  is slightly soft and silky, just little bit. When we have to talk about raw materials, firns of many Himalayan goats are used as well as could be Himalayan cow’s firms or other Himalayan animals. In general cashmere is a textile made up of 100% animal wool. Yes, as I have said earlier its 100% woolen. Its not easy process, it requires lots of process from cutting of yarn to dying. As well it takes time to get ready to tag as final product.

Manufacturing of cashmere textile are mostly found in tribal area of Nepal by tribal people.

Let me remine you its traditional method. So, machines and crafts used in manufacturing process produce 0% pollution. Which is not only beneficial to consumers but also environment. Due to its eco friendly nature it can be said Pashmina and cashmere productsare remedy to on going global warming and pollution.

Each cashmere shawl constitutes the finest quality fiber chosen from the most well bred goats in the Himalayas. Cashmere products are gloriously hand woven in traditional looms and by sensitive hands of craftsmen.

Pashmina is a very soft and special wool fibers of the Himalayan mountain goats. Pashmina can be made up of the inner part of hair from even other mountain animals also

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