In Nepal pashmina and cashmere products are weaved by old traditional method. Weaving begins with wrapping set of yarns .And assembling them in order on the creel assembly then travels through warping drum. Warping is the process which converts the hankie in liner form to length on the loom is done on a used drum and the width and desire quality of a product decided at this stage. The sum also help to calculate num of threats and length of work then each sets of yarns are tied into the beam and then rolled respectively. During this process few pieces of paper are rolled between the yards so that the yarns don’t interlock. The each single threat goes to the read and hence this ends the working process.

The yarn for the wave is generally prepared by charka or spinning wheel and is placed in a bobbin. Than the bobbin is placed in the shutter and the enhance of welding is complete. Then the process of weaving begins leading to a bloom in the process of interlocking with and warp. Handloom is use to make textiles.

Due to the centuries old process it requires handles, gears and paddles. And this is how any kind of pashmina and cashmere textile is made. And then the fabric is washed in the cold water. Than the fabric is left to dry in warm sunlight .Than the fabric is dyed in required color. Fabric is placed in the hot water table filled with color. Fabric is brought to the mending table where it is checked for any loose thread and is checked by experienced crafts man. Fabric is ironed for top notch feeling.

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