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07 Jul What is Pashmina? Know about Pashmina Products
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Pashmina is one of the finest quality wool available on Earth, and it is the most refined version of cashmere.  The fleece of Changthangi Goat is known as Pashm which is an Urdu word & has origins in ..
02 Aug What is Pashmina
admin 0 6265
Luxury TextileWhile talking about luxury textile we know very well cashmere and pashmina are the textile which are in the top most list of luxury textile. It’s difficult to identify to the first time ..
02 Aug What is Cashmere
admin 12 5848
What is cashmere?Cashmere is one of the luxurious product. Cashmere users are inclining day by day in the international market.well, it is also the woolen product as pashmina but in real comparision c..
15 Sep Why it is Called Handloom
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In Nepal pashmina and cashmere products are weaved by old traditional method. Weaving begins with wrapping set of yarns .And assembling them in order on the creel assembly then travels through warping..
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