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Water Pashmina Shawls

Water Pashmina Shawls
Water Pashmina Shawls

Nepal Pashmina Shawl Cashmere manufacturers in Nepal offer water Pashmina Shawl Stole is most popular pashmina product from Nepal and most selling around the world. Water pashmina shawl is hand made with high quality premium materiel. This scarf goes well with any outfits. 

Water Pashmina Shawls are made of blends of Pashmina Wool and Silk fibers. The specialty of this Pashmina is that it is very attractive to look at and comfortable to wear at the same time. 
This is an elegant plain woolen shawl. This pashmina water shawl is super soft and warm. This is a perfect gift to make your loved ones feel warm and cozy. These shawls can be worn from both sides. Gift this beautiful and soft shawl to your most loved person.

Water Pashmina shawls are handmade with love, using authentic, original, and natural materials. Handcrafted goods that Nepal made for those who are Eco-conscious and prefer a Sustainable, Environmentally aware Lifestyle.

Our Water Pashmina Shawl Size: 76″ X 28″ Inches (Approx.). . Water Pashmina Shawl can be found different kind of color like Red, Green, Marron and Black which is an extra unique feature in this stole to perfectly match your standard.

Please note: We recommend dry cleaning. The color may little different from the photo.

Feature of Diamond Handmade Cashmere Pashmina Stole
  • Handmade in Nepal (Traditionally Waved, Hand Loom)
  • Materials: : Pashmina Wool, Silk, Color:
  • Custom color is also possible
  • Available in different of Color
  • Stole or Scarf Size:  27" 78"

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